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"Specifically designed as an aerial recognition symbol, the plain white star, became into common usage towards the end of 1943 and continued service throughout the remainder of the war. It was painted indiscriminately on most parts of all Allied vehicles in North West Europe and Italy during the Second World War "

Welcome to White Star Military Vehicles                         

The White Star Military vehicles website is dedicated to military vehicles dating from the World War 2 period. Are you looking for information or photos of jeeps, Dodges, GMCs, CMPs or other military vehicles from World War Two then White Star is the place to be! 

The White Star website was established in April 1999 as a way for the author to learn something about HTML and the Internet. Beginning with text only the site began to grow when photos were added. People started to discover the White Star website and requests for more photos and information were received. Slowly the site grew to what it is today. A place to enjoy and share the passion for old military vehicles.

White Star features many photos of military vehicles at events, information on museums with military vehicles on display and links to military vehicle related sites on the Internet. The White Star site  is frequently updated. Enjoy your visit !