Power Unit PE 214-A

I am looking for information regarding the Power uint PE 214-A.

I found this generator set on the scrapyard of an uncle of mine. He bought the set several years ago from a construction company. The contstruction company had bought it at a surplus sale by the Dutch army and used it as an emergency supply unit. Appearently it has never been used.

The unit comes in an wooden olive-drab box. In the box is the generator set, pulling cord, canvas-cover, tools and three cans (for oil, fuel and mixture of oil and fuel. with a bras-plate on it. There are also two red labels in the box on e with the text:

" This engine has been processed in accordance with Signal Corps specifications 72-0-1 April 21 1944"

The text on the box says: "US navy for X8. Case CS-98 AXS. Jacobsen MFG.CO. Racine Wis. USA"

The text on the canvas cover says: "US navy for X8 Model A5 serial 180"


The single piston generator has a grip with which it can easily be taken out of the box. On the generator are several plates indicating the type and offering operating intstructions. Like:

US Navy for X-8. Model A5. Watts 300. Cycles 60. RPM 3600, Volts 15 Amperes 23.1, Electric Motors and Specialties Co. Fort Wayne Ind.