IWM Duxford 2001    

On this page you can see photos of the trip that I made on saturday the 7th of april 2001 to the Imperial War Museum Duxford. This trip was organised by the Dutch MV-club Keep Them Rolling. On this special occasion it was possible to visit the famous B-17 bomber "Sally B". The museum consists of 5 hangars full of vintage airplanes. Besides that one can visit the American Air Museum, a collection of historic American combat aircraft. Duxford's fine collection of tanks, trucks and artillery is displayed in the Land Warfare Hall. Duxford is a living museum so it possible to see the historic planes flyor even make a flight in one of them.

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Cockpit of B17 G "Sally B", built in the spring of 1945 at Burbank USA

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Nose-art on "Sally B" reminding of her leading rol in the1989 film Memphis Belle

WW1-era Thornycroft 3 ton J type lorry with 3 inch A.A. gun.

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Remains of the X-7 midget submarine that was sunk during the attack on the German battleship Tirpitz

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DXFRD6.jpg (34661 bytes) Car 4x2 Light Reconnaissance with Brengun built for the defence of the UK DXFRD8.jpg (38647 bytes) Bedford QL refueller as used for refuelling RAF bombers

Federal wrecker as used by the USAAF on airfields in Britain during WW2

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Ford GPW jeep in front of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain

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Montgomery's staffcar


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AEC Matador

Vickers Light tank, Mark 6B with 88 hp six-cylinder engine

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M.4 Sherman tank named Akilla

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DXFRD12.jpg (34302 bytes) Tank Infantry Valentine as used in North Africa  DXFRD13.jpg (33852 bytes) Loyd-carrier pulling six pounder gun

Russian T-34/85

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German mechanized Panzerhaubitze

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Classic Wings offered flights in a 1930s DeHavilland Dragon Rapide biplane

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