Ardennes 2001

Here are some photos I made during my trip to the Ardennes in december 2001. During this trip I visited the Ardennen Poteau'44 museum. at Poteau Belgium. Click the here for an impression of the museum. Do not forget to take a look at the photos I took during earlier trips I made to the Ardennes.

Panther G Grandmenil (B)

 Panther G of the 2nd SS Panzer Division

Poteau06.jpg (24866 bytes) Poteau (B)

Sherman M4 105mm of the Ardennen Poteau '44 collection.

Hotton (B)

Sherman tank turret in tribute to the 53th Welsh infantry division

Firlefly turret Manhay (B)

Pak 40 barrel found during building labour in 1996

Pak 40
Halftrack Stavelot Stavelot (B)

Halftrack on the Place du 18 decembre

Tiger2 LaGleize La Gleize(B)

Pz Kpfw Tiger 2 left by Kampfgruppe Peiper

Wibrin (B)

Sherman M4

Sherman Wibrin (B)

Notice the cut up back half of this tank!!

Ard0112.jpg (30028 bytes)
Ard0108.jpg (36585 bytes)  Beffe (B)

Sherman M4A3

Sherman Beffe (B)

In dedication to taskforce Hogan

La Roche (B)

Pershing on the Grand Place

Pershing La Roche La Roche (B)

Achilles tankdestroyer in tribute to the 51st Highland Division

Achilles La Roche
Panther Houfalize Houffalize (B)

Panther Ausf G

Sherman Vielsalm Vielsalm (B)

Sherman M4A1 in tribute to the 7th armored division

Cherain (B)

sFH18 (15cm)

Ard0114.jpg (33177 bytes) Trois Vierges (L)

88mm Pak

88mm Trois Vierges
Ard0117.jpg (36917 bytes)


Baraque Fraiture (B)

105mm Howitser


25-pounder Werbomont (B)

25 pounder in tribute to the 82nd AB division


To the right photos of vehicles that I passed by during my trips. GMC CMP CMP
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