The Ardennes are situated on the border of Belgium,Germany, Luxembourg and France.The region is characterised by dark woods, little rivers and historic villages. It is a hard to imagine that this area has been the place of heavy fighting during World War Two. Twice , in 1940 and 1944, the Germans launched an offensive against the Allies. In December 1944 Hitler launched an offensive with the aim to reconquer the harbour of Antwerp and divide the Allied forces. The attack came as a total surprise by the Allies. The Ardennes-sector was considered as a "quiet"sector. Most of the troops in the sector had no battle experience. Although at first the offensive seemed to become a success for the Germans, the tide was soon turned by the Allies (both US and Commonwealth troops). The fighting conditions were hard. Dark forests,snow, mud, cold. Due to weather conditions aerial support was minimum. I think these conditions make the Ardennes offensive so interesting. No wonder I visited this area several times. On this page one can see some photos of "battle remains" in the Ardennes. Along with these photos comes a short comment. If you would like to know more you can contact me. For more information on WW2 museums in the Ardennes region I refer to the museum section of White Star.

Bastogne, Belgium

The first two photos show a US Sherman tank situated in front of the Bastogne Historical Centre. The jeep with the machinegun was just parked in the main street of Bastogne. The other photos were taken during the 1994 commemorations of the Battle of the Bulge. The vehicles are owned by the members of a Belgium military vehicle club.

BastogneSherman     BastogneSherman    BastogneJeep     Bastogne row of mvs    Bastogne

La Gleize, Belgium

These photos show one of Europe's most famous WW2 tanks. It is the Königstiger in front of the Musee Decembre 1944 in La Gleize. This vehicle was one of the many left by the Germans in 1944. Many of the conquerd german tanks around La Gleize were used as a trainingtarget for American G.I.'s This particular tank is really huge and a "must see". On the last photo one can see some german WW2 reenactors around the tank.

LaGleizeTigerFront.     LaGleizeTigerDetail.    LaGleizeTigerLeft     LaGleizeTigerBack    LaGleizeOverview.jpg (149699 bytes)

Vielsalm, Houffalize, Grandmenil, Belgium

The first tank is a US Sherman as used in 1944 by the 7th US Armoured Division. You can see this one in Vielsalm. The second photo shows a German Panther which stands in Houffalize. This tank was on a bridge at the moment it was hit by Allied planes. After the war the Panther was recovered from the river. The crew still being in it!. The other two photos show a Panther which can be seen in Grandmenil.

VielsalmSherman     HouffalizePanther.     GrandMenilPantherFront.    GrandMenilPantherBack.

Diekirch, Luxembourg

The next photos are all taken near and in the national military museum of  Luxembourg in Diekirch. One of the finest museums I ever visited. Inside the museum one can find a great collection of vintage military vehicles. The last photo shows a cartoon which is painted on the Sherman tank which is outside the museum.

DiekirchSherman.     DiekirchCanon     DiekirchLongTom     DiekirchHalftrack.jpg (45263 bytes)     DiekirchOutside.jpg (117001 bytes)    DiekirchInside.jpg (122291 bytes)    DiekirchBuster.jpg (87136 bytes)

La Roche-en-Ardennes, Belgium

These two photos give an impression of the Musee de la Bataille des Ardennes in La Roche. This museum has some vehicles including a Dodge weaponcarrier, a Weasel and two jeeps.

LaRocheInside.jpg (171635 bytes)    LaRochejeep.jpg (170398 bytes)

Clervaux, Luxembourg

These two photos give an impression of the Sherman tank in Clervaux. The Sherman stands in front of the castle together with a German PAK anti-tank cannon. In a part of the castle there is a small but interesting museum dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge.

Clervaux Sherman Clervaux Sherman

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