Ardennen Poteau'44 Museum

Ardennes Poteau-'44 Museum, Poteau, Belgium: This collection of WW2 militaria and relics was opened in the summer of 1998. It is housed in an old custom-house. During the Battle of the Bulge heavy fighting took place in and near the house. The museum has some fine restored vehicles and cannons.  Among the vehicles in the collection are: a Willys MB jeep, a Dodge WC51, a Weasel, a Harley Davidson WLA, a British BSA M20 motorbike with sidecar and a BMW R75 with sidecar. Also in the collection are an American IHC M5 and a Czech OT-810; which has been 're-germanized'! Visitors are offered battlefield tours with these vehicles!!!

Outside the museum are a Czech 105mm Howitzer, that had the German designation "10,5cm le.Fh 14/19
(t)" in WWII and a Sherman tank with an 105 mm cannon. This Sherman was used as a training target by the Dutch army but has been thoroughly restored since it was acquired by the museum.

Dodge jeep Weasel
diorama sidecar sidecar
halftrack Sherman 25 pounder

The museum also aquired a M5 13-ton High-Speed Tractor and a M2A1 105mm Howitzer. Both were delivered in March 2002 and will be restored. The left photo  shows the arrival of the M5 HST and the M2A1 Howitzer at the museum. The other two show the M5 while restoration has began. Notice that the ringmount for the .50 machine gun has been removed. This is because, not a single photo shows this modification in the Ardennes.

Poteau_M5_HST.jpg (55116 bytes)    Poteau_M5HST_front.jpg (53323 bytes)    Poteau_M5HST_rear.jpg (62945 bytes)

In August 2002 Poteau got its third M5 (The others are a M5 halftrack and the M5 HST ). It's a M5A1 Stuart light tank built by Cadillac. This tank will be restored to running condition, but it will take several months before it runs again under its own power produced by two V8 engines! When it is ready it will probably be the only Stuart tank on display in the Ardennes! The photos below show the arrival of the Stuart tank at Poteau.

Poteau_M5A1_Stuart_trailer.jpg (51816 bytes)    Poteau_M5A1_Stuart_front.jpg (62236 bytes)    Poteau_M5A1_Stuart_rear.jpg (68580 bytes)

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