Amazing Discoveries 

Are they still around those old war horses?? Yes they are!! On this page you can see photos of  the "amazing discoveries" your author and his familie made during their holidays. Amaze yourself  about what can still  be found in France or Greece. You just have to keep your eyes open and here is what you can find. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the photos! 

France 2002  
Die05.jpg (40875 bytes) Modified WW2 Dodge with post war ambulance body, Jura. For more info on this type of vehicle check out the Dodge WC 54 ambulance website.
Die01.jpg (43930 bytes) Jeep (M201), Drome Die04.jpg (37443 bytes) Jeep (M201), Drome
Die02.jpg (46065 bytes) Dodge WC 63, Drome Die03.jpg (37549 bytes) Dodge WC 62, Drome
France 2001  
GMC1.jpg (46590 bytes)

GMC,near the

Mont Ventoux


GMC2.jpg (45113 bytes)


France 2000  
Untitled-9 copy.jpg (51991 bytes)

GMC, CCKW353-406476B2

AD00-8 copy.jpg (55719 bytes)

Dodge WC-52

AD00-1copy.jpg (29173 bytes)

Dodge WC-51

AD00-7 copy.jpg (38290 bytes)

Dodge WC-51

AD00-3 copy.jpg (39709 bytes)

Dodge WC-52, Vercors

AD00-2 copy.jpg (30832 bytes)

Post-war Dodge Powerwagon, Vercors


Dodge WC-57


Sherman, Dompaire

Dump.jpg (48539 bytes) Military Surplus Jeep Sud Est, Sorgues Dump2.jpg (34830 bytes) Military Surplus Jeep Sud Est, Sorgues
France 1999  
jeep a vendre
Ford GPW+Diesel engine
Ford GPW,Thones
France 1998  
jeep in Apt
Ford GPW+Diesel engine, for sale near Apt,Provence
Greece 1999/2000  
M-24 Chaffee
M-24 Chaffee,Kos
M-24 Chaffee
M-24 Chaffee,Kos
M-24 Chaffee
M-24 Chaffee,Lesvos